Now on Pre-Order!!

Hi Fantasy Fans!
It’s official!! Steal My Heart – Book 2 of The Wolves’ Challenge is now on pre-order. It will release to Kindle on August 22, 2023.
Here’s a little teaser –

Charles sat in the chair behind his new desk, and Victor stood in front of the window to his right. I didn’t really see either of them, though. All my attention was drawn to the man standing a few feet to my left. His dark brown hair was messy, just like I remembered. I barely noticed the gray t-shirt and blue jeans he wore. My eyes met his and the rest of the room ceased to exist.
I closed the small space between us and wrapped my arms around him. He pulled me into his embrace, and I pressed my face against his neck. He smelled clean – like he’d just showered. I missed him so much. Now that I was safe in his arms, I realized I wasn’t letting go.
My mate. Yes, mine. I’d doubted it before our separation, but now I couldn’t deny my need to be in his arms. Being with Garret felt so right. The thought of him leaving again had me gripping his shoulders even tighter. No one would take him from me. If anyone tried to kill him again, I’d unleash all my fae magic on their stupid ass. There would be no mercy for the dumbass who tried to take my mate. There would be nothing left of their pathetic life!
“Jess, you’re glowing.”

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