Deception’s Fall – Book 6 of the Call of the Elements Series


Paperback version of Deception’s Fall – Book 6


What do you find at the end of a dead-end road? I guess that depends where you’re going.

All the roads I’ve traveled since I discovered magic have led to one place. Here I stand at the end, staring into a pit so dark it shouldn’t exist.

At least I’m not alone.
At least I have true allies and loyal friends, which is more than I ever expected.
The only question remaining – can we win or will everything I’ve sacrificed have been for nothing?

Don’t miss out on the exciting conclusion to AJ’s first jaunt into the world of magic. Stay tuned for round two. Yes, she still has to face the evil queen.

Want to know how the fae wars affect the wolf shifters?

Find out in Hear My Call – Book 1 of The Wolves Challenge.

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