Elemental’s Domain – Book 3 of the Call of the Elements Series


Paperback version of Elemental’s Domain – Book 3


I really thought at some point my life would be my own, that I’d gain a little control over the chaos.
I desperately hoped allies would be allies and enemies would be obvious.
No such luck.
When I’m forced to ally with Braden, the man I hate more than anyone else, I only do so out of desperation. But I couldn’t see a way to win without Braden’s help, especially once my father showed up. Another man who was supposed to love me but decided my death was better.
As if nothing else could go wrong.
And where were my elementals in all of this? Weren’t they supposed to be keeping me from making stupid decisions? Decisions that could affect the outcome of the battle against a crazed vampire. They’re conspiring with an enemy I didn’t know existed.
In the midst of a literal whirlwind, I’m forced to choose between the life I want to keep and the one everyone else needs me to embrace. Can I put aside my selfish desires and sacrifice everything to protect the supernatural community?
Maybe it won’t matter in the end.

This Paranormal Romance is full of vampires, mages and werewolves. Start reading this complete six-book series today!

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