Light’s Fall – Book 3 in the Light in the Darkness Series


Paperback version of Light’s Fall – Book 3 in the Light in the Darkness Series


Loss has become a close companion for Darian and the Council, but it could not prepare them for the battle yet to come.

The Overlords enact the final step in their plan by imprisoning the Watcher and her Sentinel and crippling the Council’s strength to fight back. With Eli and Juana out of the way, the Overlords are free to release their army of demons against humanity. With the major human governments under Overlord Kal’Gara’s control, the Council is helpless to prevent the annihilation that is sure to come. Instead, they take the fight directly to the Overlords’ strongholds, splitting their forces between Zar’Asur’s Citadel and Kal’Gara’s mountain fortress.

Will the Council find and release their Watcher and Sentinel in time to stop the coming battle? Will humanity become slaves to the demonic forces? Or will their lives continue with no knowledge of the battle being waged for them?

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