Sentinel Security – Book 4 in the Light in the Darkness Series


Paperback version of Sentinel Security – Book 4 in the Light in the Darkness Series


Evil doesn’t wait for anyone, least of all for mankind to grieve and rebuild.

Like the rest of the Council of Light, Darian is trying to bury the pain and guilt of his failures. At every turn, he sees reminders of the men he led into battle. The men who died. Darian uses his new security company – Sentinel Security – as a shield for his grief.

An assassination attempt on his most important client pulls him even deeper into the past, threatening to undo everything he and the Council of Light achieved with their sacrifice. When Darian reveals the mastermind behind the attempted murder, it’s the springboard to uncovering more secrets. Betrayals rise to the surface like oozing sores, exposing former allies as enemies and unwitting associates as key players in the fight against the demon Overlords.

The Council has no choice but to lend its trust to the untrustworthy, because the alternative is unthinkable. This time, death isn’t promised. An eternity of pain and torture is their reward for failure.

NOTE: This novella contains references to character deaths, sexual violence, torture, and suicidal thought. These themes are integral to the story and the Council’s fight against the Overlords, but these events are not described in detail.

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