Steal My Heart – Book 2 of The Wolves’ Challenge Series


Paperback version of Steal My Heart – Book 2 of The Wolves’ Challenge Series


Silver Ridge was supposed to be a haven for Jess. But with enemies hidden in plain sight, and a love that refuses to be denied, can she unearth the traitor before it’s too late?

I thought Silver Ridge would be my refuge, my escape from the ever-looming threats. But danger, it seems, knows no bounds. With treachery casting shadows, I’m forced to lean on my newfound family and allies. We have to unearth the traitor in our midst, one that threatens the very heart of my sanctuary.

Garret, with our freshly discovered bond echoing between us, feels miles away. He’s on a dangerous path, hunting the mastermind plotting against me. And with every revelation, I can feel his dread deep in my bones.

The moment we reunite, the world around us plunges into fresh chaos. Can we confront the lurking enemy in time? Will our bond withstand these tests? Or will the enemy and ticking clock rob us of our future together?

While the journey of Jess and Garret might pause, magic and mystery continue in The Witches’ Triad. All roads lead to the epic culmination in Chaos’ Accord, the final chapter of the Call of the Elements Saga.

Beware: Expect heart-pounding chases, raw emotion, and situations meant for mature audiences.

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