Vampire’s Crucible – Book 2 of the Call of the Elements Series


Paperback version of Vampire’s Crucible – Book 2


I thought discovering magic would be the hardest part of my new life. Add that to the list of things I keep getting wrong.

Some wise idiot once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But what if I don’t want either one? Finding out I’m a dual elemental mage was hard enough, and I definitely don’t want the responsibility and political power that apparently comes with it.

How am I supposed to stop a crazy vampire from outing the supernatural community I didn’t know existed until a few weeks ago? I have no idea, but my new partner and elementals seem to think I should have all the answers.

Every time we come up with a plan to keep peace in the supernatural world, something else just gets in the way. This time it’s an ogre and an elder vampire whose motives are beyond comprehension. I just hope I figure it out before the lunatic announces our magical presence to the world.

Humanity will react the only way they know how: with violence. Magic and nuclear weapons don’t mix, no matter how hard we stir.

This Paranormal Romance is full of vampires, mages and werewolves. Start reading this complete six-book series today!

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