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It’s been a really long time since I updated my hobbies. So here we are in March of 2023. Believe it or not, I have new hobbies…LOL
We moved across the country last year and bought a “little” piece of land in the wide open countryside. Here’s a pic of our newest hobbies. Yes, those are longhorn cattle. They’re big babies who like to be hand fed.

In January of 2016, we picked up the cutest puppies imaginable. At the time, they were only a few pounds each and small enough to crawl underneath all of our furniture. They stole our hearts and smiles with every misdeed, puppy dream and destroyed squeaky toy. They still have our hearts, but are now unable to fit their noses underneath the sofa. They’re big, beautiful and inseparable. We wouldn’t have them any other way.

My extremely pampered dogs

I began writing in the fall of 2016, after many failed attempts at other hobbies. I was struck hard by the “Empty Nest Syndrome” and wandered aimlessly for something to take up my time.

My first endeavor was to give old furniture a new face. I loved it! It was invigorating and being able to see an end result was extremely satisfying. Below are pictures of a couple pieces of furniture that survived my torture.

But alas, I live in West Virginia where it’s cold most of the year. Heating the garage is impossible without adding a furnace or wood burning stove. So on to Plan B.

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