Reviews for Light’s Rise-Book 1

I received my first editorial review from Entrada Publishing for Light’s Rise-Book 1. It was a great experience and they provided amazing feedback.

“Light’s Rise is an intriguing fantasy novel set in a historical period you rarely see used for adventures like this.” Entrada Publishing

Aaron: Amazon.com

As soon as I was a few chapters in, I couldn’t put the book down. I lost hours of sleep as a result. Totally worth it!

Kindle Customer: Amazon.com

This was a great read. The fact that it is a beginning to a series is outstanding news. The author did a fantastic job with framing the times and places. The characters and the world they are in is engrossing and full of twists and turns. Darian and his newly discovered abilities along with Adalina and the Council just might be able to turn the tide. I cannot wait to see whether we end up in a world full of Light or Darkness.

Domino: Amazon.com.uk

I read Light’s Rise relatively quickly, the pace of the story never got bogged down or boring. The story is easy to follow, has a small cast of characters and some changes of POV. If this is Bostic’s first novel, which I assume it is, it shows promise for her future works, but I figure she’s still finding her voice as an author, and this takes time (speaking from my own experience).

Reviews for Light’s Dawn: A Novella

Judith: Amazon.com

There is plenty of action, and gore abounds, but this will be very satisfying for some readers. The antagonists are strong, and in some moments thoroughly frightening, which is generally necessary for a successful fantasy story.
All this goes to produce a novella of interest and considerable worth, which sets up a curiosity for the continuation of this particular storyline.

Carol: Amazon.com

The problem I have with well-written prequels is I always feel I need to read the book to know why a prequel was needed. They fit like a glove on a hand. This is one of those – I’m off to find book 1 in the series.

Claire: Amazon.com.uk

Review: I enjoyed reading this, I felt the historical tone was excellent, it really felt like a period book. Blending fantasy with religious miracles in a historic setting reminds me of Sara Douglas’s work. I especially enjoyed the realistic fight scenes and resulting recoveries. It’s fine to have injured people cured magically but it has to be realistic. I’d read more in this world, I want to find out what happens.


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