Reviews for Sentinel’s Rise-Book 1: The Watcher and the Sentinel Series

T.L. Collins: Book Bub Reviewer

This book is great. It starts off a solid four star read and quickly makes its way up to a five as you get to know more about the people. The interplay between the two main characters are fantastic. You start off enjoying reading it and soon are unable to put it down.
The future the author betrays is terrifying because it is believable. Swap the demons with terrorists and it becomes almost too realistic and possible. I can’t wait to read what happens next.
I don’t often give 5 star ratings. A novel must have something special to earn one and this book definitely does.

Beth: Amazon Reviewer
I read and enjoyed Yvette Bostic’s Light in the Darkness series, but Sentinel’s Rise brings the story of the Council of Light and their demon foes to another level.
In Sentinel’s Rise, we finally meet Darian’s Sentinel. I think I was almost as impatient as he was for his fated partner to arrive on the scene. Seraphina (Sara) is a strong, vulnerable, extremely likable character, and I loved watching their relationship develop throughout this book.
The action is fantastic, too, with Sara and Darian’s powerful combined magic making it possible for the Council to fight more demons than ever before.
I enjoyed the setting of this book; it was fun to see the Council in the modern world after spending a whole series with them in history.
While this book could be read without reading the previous series, I think readers will appreciate it more if they invest the time into the Light in the Darkness books before starting The Watcher and the Sentinel series.

Fiona: Amazon Reviewer

This is an extremely well paced story with great characters and a plot that had me flicking pages.
Sara and Darian were the type of characters that drew you into their world feet first, with emotions rolling throughout the story line. This was achieved through great pacing and very believable dialogue.
It’s rare to find a story and style to get me to hit the 5 star rating but Yvette totally deserves it with this new book in a new series. The first of many of Yvette’s books I’ll be reading.

Reviews for Watcher’s Reckoning: Book 2 – The Watcher and the Sentinel Series

T.L. Collins: Book Bub Reviewer

Another great book; the best one so far. This author keeps going from strength to strength and she doesn’t shy away from killing off much loved characters when the story needs it. I couldn’t put this book down. Luckily I enjoy my job or I would not have got off the train to go to work. I almost read this cover to cover in one day.
If you have liked other books by this author you will love this one, thought I warn you it is very sad in places. If you haven’t read this author yet, I highly recommend her. Start at the beginning with the first book of the first series and you won’t want to stop.

Matt: Amazon.au Reviewer

Another page turner in the Watcher and the Sentinel Series. If you enjoyed the first in this series, get this book now! Not much to say really. This book goes from strength to strength and can really grip at your emotions as some of your favourites from the first book are put into perilous situations. I can’t wait to read more from this author, definitely one of my favourite indie authors on the scene right now! Do yourself a favour and read it!

Reviews for Magister’s Bane-Book 1 Call of the Elements Series

L.L. Thomsen: Bookbub Reviewer

Can this lady do nothing wrong? I absolutely loved the story and characters of this new series and with its twists and turns, unpredictable developments and deep plots, it promises to take you along on one heck of an adventure in the future books as well. There are thousands of vampire/werewolf/mages/witches books available but this one still manages to set its own standard which IMO makes it stand shoulders above all but a few. If you want to get into urban fantasy, this book is where you should begin. If you already love the genre, this should be your next read! Bravo Bostic!

TL Collins: Goodreads Reviewer

I was hooked from the very start.
Great characters, great story. You are never really sure what is happening or who to really trust as you slowly learn about the paranormal world along with the main character. There are a few twists and turns that keep you addicted to reading more. The author leads you on a journey which you enjoy so much you are not sure you want to reach the destination.
I really hope the author does a follow up.

W. Dean: Goodreads Reviewer

Magister’s Bane is a slick new urban fantasy from a master of the genre, Yvette Bostic. The style of her new book is slick, its plot is gripping, and the diverse cast of characters peopling its pages tend to jump out and grab you by the throat – well, the vampires will if you’re not careful. So will the werewolves and shifters, if you let them, and even some of the mages might, if truth be told.
What’s an unsuspecting reader to do then? Surely it can’t be this dangerous to read a book? Fear not, all that is required is to get in touch with your inner elemental – earth, water, air, or fire – learn how to reign in any undesirable characteristics the little fellow might display (things like arrogance, aggression, and reticence are common) and grasp the proper way to command it in battle. Then you should be alright. If you haven’t already been bitten, that is.
Even if you have, you’ll probably still be able to appreciate the skillfully crafted ménage à trois in which the three main characters become inextricably enmeshed, the not always completely evil cast of vampires, the sometimes less than lethally vicious werewolves, and the not always trustworthy mages. Oh, and beware of the excellent twist in the tale which the author drops into your lap like a bombshell when you least expect it.
Now, if you will excuse me, I need to see a doctor about these weird puncture marks I found on the side of my neck this morning…

Reviews for Light’s Rise-Book 1

I received my first editorial review from Entrada Publishing for Light’s Rise-Book 1. It was a great experience and they provided amazing feedback.

“Light’s Rise is an intriguing fantasy novel set in a historical period you rarely see used for adventures like this.” Entrada Publishing

Jeannie Richards: IHIBRP Reviews

Jeannie graced me with an amazing review of Light’s Rise. I’m humbled and honored by her opinion. Visit her site to see the full 5-Star Recommended Read:: 5-Star Recommended Read for Light’s Rise

“As Bostic sweeps her lead character across the world, from one harrowing battle to the next, she instills in him—and perhaps her readers, too—a sense of patriotism, loyalty, and a call to duty that is seldom achieved in standard Fantasy novels.”

Aaron: Amazon.com

As soon as I was a few chapters in, I couldn’t put the book down. I lost hours of sleep as a result. Totally worth it!

Kindle Customer: Amazon.com

This was a great read. The fact that it is a beginning to a series is outstanding news. The author did a fantastic job with framing the times and places. The characters and the world they are in is engrossing and full of twists and turns. Darian and his newly discovered abilities along with Adalina and the Council just might be able to turn the tide. I cannot wait to see whether we end up in a world full of Light or Darkness.

Domino: Amazon.com.uk

I read Light’s Rise relatively quickly, the pace of the story never got bogged down or boring. The story is easy to follow, has a small cast of characters and some changes of POV. If this is Bostic’s first novel, which I assume it is, it shows promise for her future works, but I figure she’s still finding her voice as an author, and this takes time (speaking from my own experience).

Reviews for Light’s Dawn: A Novella

Judith: Amazon.com

There is plenty of action, and gore abounds, but this will be very satisfying for some readers. The antagonists are strong, and in some moments thoroughly frightening, which is generally necessary for a successful fantasy story.
All this goes to produce a novella of interest and considerable worth, which sets up a curiosity for the continuation of this particular storyline.

Carol: Amazon.com

The problem I have with well-written prequels is I always feel I need to read the book to know why a prequel was needed. They fit like a glove on a hand. This is one of those – I’m off to find book 1 in the series.

Claire: Amazon.com.uk

Review: I enjoyed reading this, I felt the historical tone was excellent, it really felt like a period book. Blending fantasy with religious miracles in a historic setting reminds me of Sara Douglas’s work. I especially enjoyed the realistic fight scenes and resulting recoveries. It’s fine to have injured people cured magically but it has to be realistic. I’d read more in this world, I want to find out what happens.