Light’s Dawn- First Novella for Light in the Darkness

I’ve decided to start my first novella for Light in the Darkness. Many of my readers have asked: Where did the Council come from? How old are Mikel and Raphael? Are they really the first members?  Where did Aneera come from and how did she end up bonded to Mikel? Who is Adalina and where did she come from? What makes her the hardened warrior who loves all men, but hates commitment? Has Magdelin always cared for the sick or does her compassion for those around her stem from something deeper? How does Juana find out she’s a Watcher? When does she meet Eli, and what happens to her while she’s waiting for him? And….please tell us the story of Robert and Paulette!

All of these questions will be answered, but obviously not in the first novella. That is designated for the story of Raphael and Mikel’s beginning. Who were they? How did a merchant from London end up partnered with a young soldier from Brazil? Discover their destiny and how they acquire the amazing talents that make the Council so successful. Join me in discovering the beginning of the Council of Light.

I hope to have it released by late spring or early summer, but as always, updates will be posted here and on social media.

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