It’s Official!! We have a new release date!

Hear My Call‘s release date is now October 26, 2021!

Here’s the link to the pre-order, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08RWJHKQL

The beautiful cover art done by Natasha Art https://www.facebook.com/natasha.art.731572

And the blurby thing (wink)

Most of Jess’s life consisted of running from an unknown threat. At least unknown to her. No sooner would she and her mom get settled, then they’d be packing their meager belongings and disappearing into the night.
As a child, Jess never knew why they fled. Never understood the fear in her mom’s eyes. After twenty-eight years, she finally finds out. It wasn’t at all what she believed.

Garret’s latest assignment was supposed to be really easy. He and his team should’ve been able to run in, pick up the target, and get out. Once the target was safely delivered, Garret would be paid.
Or not.
Another group of hunters beat him to the target. He and his team would spend the next two days fighting for their lives and the life of their target – Jessenia Smith. She ends up being so much more than just an assignment.

The Wolves’ Challenge Trilogy is an extension of the Call of the Elements Series. Delve deeper into the wolf shifters’ paradigm and find out how the Fae Wars affect the packs.
This series contains adult language and situations.

New release date!

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