Kickstarter Campaign – coming soon!

For those of you who get my newsletter, this will be no surprise. 😉
For everyone else….
I’m scheduling a Kickstarter Campaign!!!
Exciting, I know! Unless you have no idea what I’m talking about … LOL
Keep scrolling to find out!
I get the opportunity to create super cool stuff related to my books and offer it you.
What kind of cool stuff? SWAG!!

  • Character art
  • Bookmarks
  • Wallpaper art
  • Special Edition cards featuring scenes from the books (AKA the original cover art)
  • A really awesome mouse pad for those of us who still have a desktop computer with a mouse
  • E-Puzzles
    AND….most importantly
  • Special edition hardcover versions of Magister’s Bane and Vampire’s Crucible created by the amazing talent at https://blueravenbookcovers.wordpress.com/. They’re special edition because they’ll only be available on Kickstarter. That’s right! You won’t be able to get any of the swag or hardcover books anywhere else.

I’ve had a blast creating the Swag. I’ve had simplified versions of character art for a while (cuz it’s much easier to write a character when you know what they look like), but these are beautiful. I’m so excited!
Here’s the link to the campaign. You can follow it now and get notifications from Kickstarter when it goes live – sometime in May.
Link to Kickstarter

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