Hear My Call – Book 1 of The Wolves’ Challenge Series


Paperback version of Hear My Call – Book 1 of The Wolves’ Challenge Series


In the aftermath of the Fae Wars, Jess is more than just prey, and Garret soon discovers hunting her might be his biggest challenge yet.

All my life, it felt like shadows chased me. Every time we’d find a semblance of peace, my mother’s terrified eyes would signal it was time to flee again. For twenty-eight years, the reasons were shrouded in mystery. When the truth finally revealed itself, it was nothing like the stories my childhood imagination had crafted.

Garret was sure I’d be just another notch in his belt—a target acquired, delivered, and paid for. A simple job in a life of complexities. But fate is rarely straightforward. Before he could claim his prize, others got to me first. Suddenly, he wasn’t just battling for a paycheck; he was battling for our lives.

And me? I was caught between the man sent to capture me and the enigmatic pull that drew me closer to him.

Enter the world of The Wolves’ Challenge Trilogy, where the legacies of the Fae Wars shape destinies, and wolf shifters are more than just myth. An extension of the Call of the Elements Series, this tale is charged with tension, passion, and the age-old dance of enemies-turned-lovers.

Beware: Expect heart-pounding chases, raw emotion, and situations meant for mature audiences.

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